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Fostering With HMG

What is Fostering

Fostering is caring for someone else’s child in your own home. Foster carers look after babies or children and young people who are often distressed about being separated from their family, so carers need be understanding about children’s feelings and meet their needs. Attending trainings will help you equip yourself with the necessary skills needed to do this.

The child may need looking after for a number of reason, from illness or disability in the family to serious neglect and abuse. Sometimes children may need only a short-term placement and would return home quickly while others may need to be looked after until they are 18 years old. Some will stay with foster carers for more than a year while plans are made for their future away from home or possibly be considered for adoption.

Foster carers are integral in helping to make care plans for foster children, whilst working closely with HMG Foster Care, Local Authority social workers and other professionals to give the child the very best opportunities in life.

Foster carers are there to keep children healthy and safe and must ensure the child in their care attends all regular health reviews such as dental, optician and medical appointments.

Foster Carers make sure they get to school on time and liaise with the school to ensure the child continues to make good progress to reach their educational potential. HMG Foster Carers play an active role in the education of their young people and with the support of the agency will ensure all opportunities and avenues are explored. Foster carers will attend open evenings and parent evenings and support their young people through this important part of their lives. It is important to help a child develop their life skills and self worth, encouraging and supporting hobbies and interests as well as meeting any special needs they may have.

It is essential for children to maintain positive relationships with their friends and foster carers will also help the child to keep contact with their parents.

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