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What is Fostering

Fostering is when a Foster Carer cares for a young person in their home who is not able to live with their birth family. Foster carers look after babies, children and/or young people who are at no fault of their own placed into the care system. The young person will likely be distressed at first about being separated from their family, so carers must have an understanding nature and be passionate about supporting a young person emotionally, and to meet their needs that will, in turn, improve their futures. All Foster Carers that join HMG Fostering (whether they are new to fostering or are existing Foster Carers) will be provided with full training and support to help them and their placements. 24/7 support will always be available 365 days a year. We pride ourselves in being a small close community of Foster Carers, there will always be opportunities to meet other Carers and to be able to participate in focus groups aimed at always improving what we can offer to our young people. Your role as a Foster carer will be to:

  • Keep children healthy and safe
  • Develop self-worth, life skills, interests and hobbies
  • Promote educational attainment
  • Encourage positive relationships with friends and family.