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HMG Youth Events

HMG put on a number of events each year for our young people including the birth children of the fostering family. HMG run a monthly youth group from January – November. Decembers group is replaced by an end of year event for our young people. The activity for this event is usually suggested by our young people and in the past we have taken them places like theatre and bowling. This is also a chance for our young people to get to know each other and build positive friendships.


This is an event to celebrate all our young peoples achievements. We hand out certificates and awards to each young person to celebrate what they are most proud of in the past year.
HMG take all our young people and their foster families on a day trip to a destination suggested by our young people. The coach journey is made fun by playing games on the trip there.
This is a fun family day where we play games such as sack race, egg and spoon race, relay and tug of war amongst many others. We also have some games for the adults to join in to. All our young people get certificates and medals to celebrate where they came in the events and their participation.
This is a treat for our young people given by HMG to welcome the year ahead with positivity. HMG take all out young people for a meal and activity such as bowling.