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What does going into foster care mean?

Foster care means living with another family because you can’t live with your birth family. Sometimes this is called ‘being in care’ or ‘being looked after’. All children and young people need to live with adults who will look after them, keep them safe and make sure they have everything they need – food, clothes, security, warmth, education and fun. What is a foster family? Foster families are ordinary families who enjoy looking after children and young people. Some of them have children and some don’t. Some of them might even be looking after other fostered children at the same time as you. You will usually meet your foster family before you go to stay there. We try very hard to make sure you stay with a foster family which is right for you. Why do I need to live with a foster family? Thousands of children and young people all over the world live with foster families. There are lots of different reasons for this, but it is usually because there are difficulties in your birth family. Some reasons that children might need to stay with a foster family: